Discord Server Rules

Do not tag staff members!

Don't be disrespectful or rude to anyone.

Make sure caps lock is disabled before typing.

Use the appropriate sections for general conversations, help, bot commands, etc.

No voice channel spamming/hopping.

No foul language.

Do not DM staff unless its urgent.

Use the radios appropriately; if your in RP be with your squad in a radio and not General.

No harassment/verbal abuse towards anyone!

Read the FAQ section before asking for help/questions.

No annoying, loud or high pitch noises.

Message only in the appropriate category, no offtopic messages.

Absolutely no discord server or any other types of advertisements.

No malicious links/files.

No threats towards others of any kind.

No trash talking players or the server.

Do not argue with players/staff.

Do not message players you do not know.

No spamming of ANY kind.

Be polite and curtious. If someone needs help, help them.

No metagaming or ghosting.

No sexually explicit nicknames.

No content 18+ unless it is in "random stuff".

No trolling or publication of any personal information of others.

No memes and/or gifs in General, only in "random stuff".

Ask for help in the "help" section or report bugs in the "bugs for cash" section.

Use common sense, be nice and helpful.