LavishRP Server Rules

If EMS revives you then the death rule DOES NOT apply. You can still RP and still be arrested.

No default characters/clothing, change at clothing store or plastic surgery.

No fail RP of any kind, if it doesn't happen in real life, its fail RP!

No suicide rp, animal rp, nsfw rp, etc.

Never attack, kill, mug, etc. to someone you have not met or enganged with in RP and have past history.

No unrealistic driving/acting; you must be RPing at all times.

Do not abuse vehicles; this includes but not limited to donators cars, trailers, custom cars, etc.

Do not contact players in the server with there username; use a character name.

No racial, derogatory, or homophobic conversations/terms/insults.

Never attack or kill someone without engagement its considered fail RP.

Must speak English and have a working microphone for RP.

Do not verbally abuse or harass others. Be respecful and helpful to all players!

No VDM, love taps are fine, flil speed running someone over is not realistic, in any situation.

NO TELEPORTING during RP or any kind of interactions or jobs.

Limit the use of the vMenu while near other players.

Do not exceed 200MPH in the streets of LS.

Do not cop bait; if you see a cop you should not speed up or attempt to get his attention.

Do not curse or spam chat, be respectful and use /ooc for out-of-character conversations or questions.

Do not hack, mod, or abuse any of the server features. You will be caught, reset, or banned!

Do not go off-roading or take stunt jumps, in 98% of situations this will be considered fail RP.

If in a whitelisted job always go off-duty before doing any illegal activity.

Do not mic spam or yell into your mic.

Do not hold grudges towards others. If you die, move on...

Do not shoot at EMS.

If someone is pointing a gun to your face you must obey fear RP and fear for your life..

Do not log out during an interaction or RP situation, you will be temp-banned.

Do NOT abuse macros or any program/software or you will be banned!

If your outside of a robbery when police arrive you are NOT a part of it. This is considered fail RP.

Use common sense, everyone can have fun together!